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7 Tips to Get Straight A’s in WAEC 2021

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) organized by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is one of the mandatory examinations for students seeking admission into Nigerian universities and even foreign institutions. An excellent WASSCE result gives students a better chance of first-time entry into any one of the best universities across Nigeria.

Hence, it is imperative that students are adequately prepared for the WAEC exam to get the best results. In this article, we highlight the top tips for you to get straight A’s in all your subjects for WASSCE 2021.

Strongly Desire to Excel

First, it is very important that you nurse a strong desire to ace the WAEC exam. If you do not yearn for absolute success in the exam, all the tips hereafter would not work to their optimum capacity. As the saying goes, “If you aim for the sky, you will dine with the stars.” This is also applicable here. You must want straight A’s in WASSCE as much as you want to gain admission to the university to study your preferred course.

Devise Your Learning Pattern

Different people learn in different ways. Therefore, you have to carefully find a study strategy that works for you. Do not read for 12 hours straight or study all night just because your friends are doing that. You may enjoy reading while playing music or you may like to read in a quiet environment. Ensure you follow your unique strategy and study at your own pace. This will help you prepare to the best of your own ability, not the best of your friends’ ability.

Cover the WAEC Syllabus

The WAEC exam will be based on the WAEC syllabus for each subject that you would be taking. So, you have to cover all the topics as contained in the syllabus content. Your teachers may not have completed the syllabus in school, but that should not stop you from checking through the syllabus and studying every topic that is included during your exam preparation.

Start Preparing Early

Don’t wait until a week to the WAEC exam before you start preparing. That “eleventh hour” approach is very risky. It would put you on edge as the exam approaches because you’d have to revise several topics in different subjects within a very short time. Start preparing as early as possible to give you enough time to study, identify your mistakes and correct them before the exam is on the horizon. Remember this; the earlier, the better.

Develop a Workable Study Plan

How do you intend to study all the topics in each subject for the WAEC exam? How many hours would you spend on each topic? How many subjects would you revise in a day? All these questions will be answered when you come up with a carefully structured study plan or timetable. It will guide your reading schedule, time of study and simplify your prep activity.

Practise Past Questions

Before you use a device, you are supposed to read the manual that comes with it to help you use the device as intended. Similarly, you must practice past WASSCE questions before writing the exam proper. Answer as many questions as possible (without assistance), especially those for recent years to gauge your level of readiness for the real exam. Past questions are very helpful when you take them like the real exam. You would also improve your time management and speed when answering questions on each subject.

Find a WAEC Tutorial Centre

You can find the best WAEC tutorial centres, schools and freelance tutors across Nigeria on classes.ng. These tutorial centres would prepare you maximally to get straight A's in all your WASSCE 2021 subjects.

Read Exam Instructions Carefully

Do not get carried away on the WAEC exam day. The first thing you must do is to read the instructions on the exam paper given to you. Don’t assume anything. If you do not understand the instructions, then ask the invigilators in your exam centre for clarification. Don’t answer five (5) questions if you’re asked to answer three (3). Don’t draw if you’re asked to sketch. Failure to adhere to instructions will be penalized.

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