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Being a Student in Nigeria.

For a while now, I have been thinking about the hardship we go through as students in Nigeria.

The system wants us to study and pass with flying colors in all 10 courses/subjects. The question that comes to my head anytime i think about this is; If it’s that simple to pass all subjects, why can’t a single teacher teach/handle all subjects ?

The static system here in Nigeria as well as other African Countries like Kenya, Ghana, Benin Republic and others has severely affected the well being of students.

Not to forget, the pressure that comes with studentship cannot be overemphasized;

-Pressure from Family

-Pressure form Peer Groups.

Pressure from Family:

A bitter truth, that parents especially, must admit. They want us to achieve our Big Dreams that they couldn’t achieve. They couldn’t, because it wasn’t an easy job, yet they scold us like it is as simple as “ABC”.

Statements like;

“Does that your friend, Tobi, have two heads ? If he can get 7 straight As, why can’t you ?”

The truth is, most parents, who say all these hillarious things, didn’t even get the chance to write Waec, Neco or Jamb.

These Exams don’t only require us to study, our mental health is needed to be at its A-game to be able to constantly prepare for Exams or Tests.

We don’t want to hear statements like; “If you fail this Exam, don’t come to this house!”.

Although, our Parents want the best for us all, no doubt.

This is why they repeatedly push us to the limit.

We understand, we just want them to respect our emotions and the fact that these limits require us to be mentally sound to be completely efficient.

So they shouldn’t mess with our emotions like that.

Words like; “If you can’t go to school, go and learn mechanic” is a major heart-attack.

Pressure from Peer Groups:

This pressure exerts more effect than Family pressure, as we spend more time during school days with our peer groups than our families.

It is very easy to be swayed by our friends. Most of us don’t want to leave our cliques.

Being in the wrong clique can be very destructive as they won’t help us to grow positively.

Finding the best cliques to join is very important so as to meet up with the speed the system is running.

The problem is, most times, these good or positive cliques that can actually help us grow academically are only few in most schools, infact most times only one.

I mean the best of the best, they don’t want to accommodate every interested candidate, especially average and weak students.

Infact, they are naturally repulsive to poorly performing students.

So we are left with two choices; To form a group of weak/average students and strive averagely or we individually play the Solo-Game.

We all know that a bunch of weak students together isn’t constructive, so to be a good boy or girl, we have to play the Solo-Game and strive alone.

For the Solo-Game, be rest assured that you will watch others get 5 straight As, while you struggle with a single B, few Cs and lots of Es if not Fs. (Life is hard!)

Studying becomes a very difficult job, you become short of options. If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Nevertheless, one way to solve this issue is to study more than the brightest students in class.

You may not come out as the top, but you sure wouldn’t be the last anymore.

To achieve this, you most explore every option and take advantage of them.

Some of the options include;

-1. Late night reading.

-2. Special meetings with teachers (for more clarity).

-3. Having a study centre.

Having a study centre is by far, the most effective.

A study centre or an exam preparation centre is a place where tutors prepare and guide students in their various academic pursuits.

Study/Tutorial centres would shape our habit of studying and encourage us to explore the first two options better.

They strengthen us in areas where we are weak, group us in cliques and guide us on the right path.

How do we find these Study Centres ?

We can go about searching for them in person, or inquire from a friend who would inquire from another friend.

Or we can save ourselves the hassle and find these centres from the comfort of our homes, via our mobile devices or home computer.

With classes.ng, we can search for the most reliable, affordable and reachable Study centres/Exam Preparation Centres, connect with them and even pay via the platform.

We can even find reviews for the centres and see for ourselves the one that suits us perfectly.

Classes.ng is a search engine for tutors and classses all over Nigeria.

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